Inventing the Future


Permalink for this paragraph 0 Welcome to the proceedings for the 2012 NITLE Symposium, “Inventing the Future: Innovative Models and Practices in Liberal Education.”  Focused on innovations at the intersection of liberal education, inquiry, and information technology, this conference addresses a range of topics, including digital humanities, collaboration, liberal arts online, and new learning resources.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Here we present extended abstracts for the papers, posters and panels that will be presented at the NITLE Symposium.  We hope that these proceedings both spark dialog and serve as a record of the conference. We regard these proceedings as part of NITLE’s own experimentation with innovative models for scholarly communication. To encourage discussion before, during and after the Symposium, we are publishing the extended abstracts using the CommentPress platform.  CommentPress, which allows readers to make paragraph or page level comments on the text, has been used to support open peer review for several scholarly publishing projects, including Writing History in the Digital Age (which will be featured in a Symposium session on Collaborations through Open-Access Scholarly Publications on WordPress). Furthermore, poster presenters have created short videos describing their work, enabling symposium attendees to get a sneak preview of the posters and those who can’t attend the Symposium to develop a richer sense of the work being presented.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 We encourage you to comment on, question, and discuss these works. Just leave your name with your comment; all comments will be moderated. (You will also be asked for an email address, which will not be published.) Need help getting started? Find out more about how to read a commentpress document here. Otherwise, jump in!